United Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Club of America

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Updated 4/4/2014

                                      Mission Statement

February 14, 2008 the  U.T.R.T.C.A.  was founded to promote the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier
          Breed as one of Intelligence and Character.  

To raise public awareness of the breed.

To adhere to the UKC Regulated Breed Standard.

To educate our members about conformation, health and breeding, through open format of  
          social networking, news letters and educational Workshop.  

To promote competition within the Breed in order to maintain it's Integrity through UKC 
          sanctioned conformation, agility, obedience, working/ sporting events and fun matches.

To promote and encourage good social behavior and Total Dog achievements.

To promote and encourage breed rescue efforts.

To inspire and maintain among it's members, and the public, a high standard of ethics, 
            respect, morality and professionalism both in and out of the show ring.

To be a Club of which Members and UKC will be proud.


The 2013 Top Ten results have just been finalized by UKC, and we have ten excellent representatives of the breed included! 

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier 

01. USR UFCH GRCH Weebits Copper Dynamo Sarah Flour Or Jimmy Flour         48
02. GRCH Weebits Zorro Lesa Barnett                                                                       21
03. UWP GRCH Dynamo Spirit Of Weebits Sara Flour Or Jimmy Flour                   13
04. GRCH 3bf Bad Reputation Carol Derie Or Electra Blair                                      12
05. CH Aspen's Rockin' Robin Deborah Botruff                                                         11
06. GRCH Brooks Rydin So Low Carol Derie Or Electra Blair                                     9
07. CH Ttb's Just In Time Denise Barnard Or Tiffanie Hanssen                                  7
08. GRCH Brooks N Mays Dunbar Mary Ann May                                                      6
08. CH Prestige Red Hot Tamle Janet F Butler                                                             6
10. CH Brooks N Mays Wohota Mary Ann May                                                          4




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